About Vintage Emporium.

So for me developing this business with my mom has been a challenging thinking process for me. I started out learning programming for about 5 to 6 months. Started reading books on successful programmers that became successful in other things like online businesses & Major high fortune companies. I would like to take this blog to motivate you for more and challenge u guys to reach your dreams! Succeeding is a process and sometimes you have to try things before you can achieve great things! There are millions of products in the world and so many demands and high advantages to certain business you can try to do! Jewelry is appealing to me by it’s many options and varieties so to me it’s something I’m passionate about selling. Nothing is ever easy and takes hard work! To achieve things you have to work hard and put forth effort but the more you apply yourself it will get easier. People will say you can’t do something, but the truth of the matter is u will never succeed if you don’t try. So push on and strive for things that are uncomfortable and that might just be the difference! images (2)

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