Describing Vintage.

2018-05-02-11-15-3731292680_614312185584997_7440016300325208064_nVintage to me is something that’s different meaning it brings a outward meaning that draws attention to something not everybody see’s everyday. Seeing things that bring different perspectives make you likable because lets face it nobody wants to be trapped in a box. Everybody wants to feel different and be different in there own way. So to me wearing things that stand out bring attention and brings out the best in who you are! So to me vintage is exciting to me because it might mean I’m different then other people in my own way! And it’s nice thinking that things we wear and what others see on us can draw positive attention! 2018-05-02-11-54-4431301543_614312338918315_6300980682684366848_n

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